Before you read this, I’ll have to make clear that i don’t approve the use of weaponry, for anything else than self defense. For that very purpose I think you should see this bad boy!. The Defender is a pepper spray that “takes prevention to the next level.”  In addition to spraying a painful liquid into the eyes of a mugger, The Defender is also connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. This provides you with some useful features. The Defender’s inbuilt camera takes a picture of whoever is assaulting you, makes a loud sound and sends your GPS-coordinate to law enforcement. This kind of gadget is every muggers nightmare, and it has the potential to safe your life.

Price: 159$

See more here: THE DEFENDER


About Mr. WithoutExpensiveWatch

I like expensive stuff, but can rarely afford them. Instead I like to find cool, stylish and a bit exclusive stuff for guys and share them with the world. I do not have any of these things for sale, and i don't make any money from telling you about them. I just like to do it. There will be new stuff now and then, to hopefully make you wish, that if you open your bank account tomorrow, there would be a billion dollars in it.
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